Friday, May 10, 2013

Mason Jar Gifts

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I knew we wanted to make something that was heartfelt but not too expensive for my daughters' teachers. This idea can be used for anyone special in your life that deserves a thoughtful gift. Great for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day...
This is what I came up with:

Items needed:
  • mason jar (we used the pint size)
  • optional: lid and ring for the jar if you would like the contents air tight
  • ribbon or twine of your choice
  • paper or thicker paper stock for the tag
  • marker or pen
  • hole punch
  • your choice of items to fill the jar
    • flowers (ours were from the yard)
    • candy
    • school supplies
    • our favorite jar recipe mix
Make sure the jar is clean and dust free. May need to wash in hot soapy water and dry.
Cut ribbon or twine to desired length to wrap around the jar. If using ribbon, I suggest lightly melting the ends of the ribbon to stop fraying with a lighter. You only want to heat the ribbon to the point were the ribbon just starts to melt.
Cut out your tag in the desired shape. Punch with two holes at the top of the tag to string ribbon through. String the ribbon through the tag with the ribbon going in the front of the tag and out the back side.
Write any special message on the tag you wish.
We wrote: It is a "Ball" having you as my teacher! (as we used the Ball brand mason jars). And then they signed their names.
I tied the ribbon with the tag on it to the jar in a bow. You could end it in a knot too.
Then fill the jar with your desired contents. We cut fresh flowers from the yard and placed them in the jar. Don't forget some water too.

For transporting the jars to school I used a smaller box and placed the jars in the corners and filled the middle with newspaper. I then placed the box on the floor of the car.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!